Felix Baumgartner rising…

The 43 years-old Austrian daredevil is back out on the New Mexico desert, weather did hold and the guy is climbing (around 65.000 feet) as I write these words with is more than 50.000  feet more to go to a total of 120,000ft (36.5km).

The near absence of air at this high altitude means he should break the speed of sound as he falls – a velocity in excess of 690mph (1,110km/h).

The journey down should take 10 minutes, about half of it in freefall.

No-one has ever gone so high in a balloon, nor attempted to make such a high skydive.

Others who have tried to break the existing records for the highest, fastest and longest freefalls have lost their lives in the process.

We invite you to the grand show, let’s watch him break the barrier and the record…

Here‘s the YouTube Channel.

And here‘s the main channel on RedBull Stratos.



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