Anime Style Game of Thrones Characters (SPOILER ALERT)

After so many art works depicting scenes and characters from the world of Game of Thrones, the whole trendy saga still never fails to excite me. While many of the artists do a great job, only a few can really manage to make something that kinda captures the whole thing, by putting in most of the major characters.

So did artist Joscomie, he put together 49 characters in rational order, all flowing and completing each other with a brilliant Anime-Style. Even though he put in some characters that still haven’t shown up in the TV series, and hinted one or two things regarding the future, he still made it pretty easy for those spoiler-hating fans to enjoy the piece as it’s all strung together so beautifully it’s easy to ignore those “shortcomings.”

a song of ice and fire by joscomie d5lzgm4 Game of Thrones Characters, Anime Style


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