Hiyaaa Silver, Awayyyy!!!

It was my childhood, i remember the Theme song begin…and that tune will travel with me all these years, sometimes a ringtone on my phone, sometimes whistled but never aging…
Two opposites poles at their time, enemies by design, one paleskin and one redskin meet at a crossroads of fate and form an alliance of trust and a common goal… JUSTICE…
The adventures of the masked ranger and his loyal brother by choice has been away from both the TV and theaters for so long (the last movie adaptation was in 1981 and TV series was 1949 and an odd  TV movie in 2003) that it was about time that they got resurrected to arm themselves with silver bullets once again.

From what we have been let on by the trailers and production photos etc, i believe we are in for a wild ride like only the creative minds behind the PotC merchandise could deliver, funny with explosive action and witty oneliners performed by some of the most talented actors and actresses in the biz.


so enough with the chit chat, mount up and enjoy the second trailer for The Lone Ranger…


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