Voice actor tweets and confirms Fallout 4

We have a couple of tweets that prove a Fallout 4 is indeed in works. Light the flares and open up the champagne!

The Voice actor, Erik Todd Dellums, voice actor for the original Bethesda works, who is known for his role of radio DJ “Three Dog” in the post apocalyptic Bethesda RPG Fallout 3, has tweeted at the possibility – and that he was “allowed” to tease it – that there’s a chance Bethesda could be working on a direct sequel to the original story, exciting us, the Fallout fans everywhere. has tweeted this possibilty, meaning that .



Added to the rumour that Fallout 4 will be announced at PAX:East (Boston) in march, and that the game will take place in Post Apocalyptic Boston, we are all eyes and ears now.

It seems that 2013 will be one of the best years for gaming.



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