Cool Cyberpunk 2077 teaser

CD Projekt RED — the studio that made he Witcher series — released a teaser trailer for its upcoming game Cyberpunk 2077 one of the two major role-playing games they are working on. Cyberpunk 2077 is an open world role-playing game based on pen and paper game off the popular Cyberpunk pen-and-paper series, with the game depicting a future society capable of equipping body augmentations. As you can see in the video the future is futuristic, dark, and violent.

The story will be new, but the studio will be using the same setting, they chose to adapt it to an extended time frame that should give Night City a much richer history.


In Cyberpunk 2077’s setting of Night City special MAX-TAC agents, also known as Psycho Squad, are deployed to fight against those who lose control because of their massive augmentations since artificial elements of the body clash with the organic.

“In 2077 as we imagine it, technology will be so advanced that implants will fit in the tip of a needle, making modification easy. The decision to change will therefore be largely aesthetic and ostensibly harmless. Realskin synthetic skin looks real but is better than real. It’s soft, it has pores that subtly release sweat, but it is so much more. It’s amazing, those who adopt it look like pumped, modified dolls, because they are perfect, or some version of it. When people choose modification, they’re making a statement, they’re expressing a preference.”

“When somebody walks around with a chrome hand, it’s not because there’s some underlying technology that makes their hand look like that. It’s because they think chrome hands look cool. When somebody has a leg with servomotors, it’s because they choose to look extreme (like the best new carbon fiber bike). And their choice is completely based on style, it extends and enriches their style. You’ll get access to a rich arsenal of firearms, but if you want to have blades because they look cool, go for it. All these elements will make it into Cyberpunk 2077. ‘Style Over Substance’ is our core theme, after all.”




The trailer ends with the message that Cyberpunk 2077 will be released “when it’s ready,” but in the hidden text a tease that on February 5, 2013 CD Projekt RED will start talking about its other role-playing game, which “is much closer to being completed” and “will also be a fully open world game with an intense story. You can probably guess the game we’re talking about.”





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