Beer Barrel Bedroom

I’ve seen many crazy bedroom/bed/places to sleep around, but this beer barrel bedroom is definitely one of the most awesome sleep “experience” spots. When it comes to finding special hotels, there definitely is a wide selection to choose from, and if you are a beer fan you might be interested in staying a night or two in this beer barrel hotel.

This awesome beer bedroom is an apartment hotel located at Ostbevern,Germany and you can rent it for around $140 per night. There are 3 rooms like this one, one barrel can be rented as a double bed or a single bed, each room aslo has two additional beds, so at tops 4 people can sleep there.

Although this room is in a retro, middle age kind of feel, when it comes to technology the rooms are well equipped, if you’ll stay here you’ll have 32 “flat screen TV, DVD, free internet access, a phone flatmate and a shower with massage jets.


 Bottoms Up! Beer Barrel Bedroom

 Bottoms Up! Beer Barrel Bedroom Beer Barrel Bedroom 1


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