Superhero Noir posters

From time to time, I bring you reimagined superhero posters and cool illustrations of them. It never ceases to amaze me in how many different ways, these very talented people out there, can imagine or design them in different ways, even if these illustrations are minimalistic.

Here are some more of the eerie and cool posters for our beloved superheroes. Marko Manev from Skopje, Macedonia managed to capture them in a very intense and true noir atmosphere which reminds me of the game, Limbo a little.

002cd22e69efdf4d8bf8ecdf5f1b3889 2f526be5d134ebed346060c2e492451f 4ecc217ab2d375c02ed2bf8aef98f397 6ac74085bd4bdf2002f9cdd44cc4d4d5 9bbdfad6b8dc879e6918e07b17891a18 52dbb18eb34a558a37748c615249a58f 1167ed8fa64570f2fbdaa83a77c71f1a 62064a73ddfdd17cf5fbb7f96e92b634 aa7fb5b2bd0a9a7953eb47a17cee1a5a b8523c973737e877b673abbabb29bbed

Great work, Marko.

Via: Behance


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