Spidey’s new eyes

We know the synopsis, we know that Electro (Jamie Foxx) will be the main villain, we also know that Mary Jane and Harry Osborn will be appearing, we know that Paul Giamatti is supposedly playing the Rhino, we know that Venom may be introduced again somewhere in the movie… See, we know lots about the in the “The Amazing Spider-Man” sequel. And now we know how Spidey’s mask eyes will look like.

Director Marc Webb says Andrew Garfield’s costume in the upcoming movie will include not only new mask eyes but also new web shooters.

He teased a short video via his Tweeter accounts.  And it does offer up a quick look at what Spider-Man’s eyes will look like in the new flick.


They are closer to Bagley’s big Spidey eyes, which is good.

Another cool news about the movie is that there may be a potential Black Cat casting. It looks like Felicity Jones is definitely showing up for the AS-M2, who she’ll be playing is still up in the air, although some say that she will be donning black leathers.


A crowded movie is harder to pull off but we’ll see what happens in a week or so.



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