Galaxy SIV to have floating touch and Green PHOLED display

With only five days till the Samsung event unveils the new SIV, new leaks from inside sources at Samsung hint that the Galaxy S4 may by shying away from their traditional AMOLED displays to incorporate a Green PHOLED (phosphorescent organic light-emitting diode) display in their next flagship device. PHOLED works on the basis that organic materials give off their own light when an electric current is applied. As for “Green PHOLED,” it is reported that these new displays, using a type of yellow-green color combination, can save power consumption up to 25%.  The resolution of the panels are of course Full HD.


Also, the sources say that Samsung is also going to introduce some type of floating touch software – previously used by Sony inside the XPERIA Sola – which is like using your finger as a cursor or Samsung’s Air View by hovering over a Picture Album to get a sneak at the pictures inside.

We already know about Samsung’s new smart functions called Smart Scroll, Smart Pause, Smart Stay and Smart Rotation as well as a new camera feature called Samsung Orb (360 degree photo capturing a.k.a. Photosphere )

Galaxy SIV will be unveiled next week in NYC on Thursday.






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