Here, in the near future

It’s been roughly nine months since we had our drinks – me, black coffee and Myla, soy chai tea latte –, sat down in Starbucks on Rembrandtplein, Amsterdam and started Techandle. There were hundreds of tech sites and countless blogs out there but still, something was missing… Some kind of truth, a pact between the new generation of knowledge-seekers… An environmentally aware, bold platform about technology that was also cool.

It was easy to start. To fill a gap, bringing awesome things created by people all around the world, to others, in other places. From you, to us.

It was not easy for just the two of us and a couple friends who volunteered to help, to keep a rythym.

But here I am, writing our 500th piece, not about technology, not about movies or cool projects but us…

About you.

The people who followed our small team here, into the near future. The support, mails, whispers bearing the tH name and small smiles made it possible for us to achieve this. And together, achieved this, we did.

So I dedicate this 500th post to you boys and girls, the cool people of t[H].

More to follow, so stay tuned…

And thank you.



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