TITAN, the first NeXbox exclusive?

It’s been rumored that Respawn Entertainment is working on an Xbox 360-720 exclusive. It will be a science fiction-online-shooter-mech game. A blurry teaser image has been released from the project, which is said to have been underway for some time now.


The sources say that the game is a “battle of Davids and Goliaths.”

“The Davids are heavily-armed foot soldiers. The Goliaths are the giant exosekeltons-Titans-that these soldiers can pilot. These Titans are big mech-style walkers that move with an agility not seen in games like Mechwarrior or Steel Battalions. To keep the action balanced, game maps limit the number of Titans that can be used in a skirmish. Weapon loadouts for the foot soldiers are designed to ensure that the characters on foot can take out the Titans if need be. The source who described the game does not work at Respawn, but their description tracks with the long-reported desire by the former Infinity Ward team to make a sci-fi shooter.”

Rumor has it that the game will allow for 16-player matches, and that it will run on the Valve Source Engine. A gamer’s own progress is implemented into an “overall balance of power” via the utilization of a faction system.

No date was given but we should expect it no earlier than 2014.

Excited? Let us know…



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