The Game of Thrones Characters in the 90s


Tokyo based French artist Mike Wrobel wondered what the “Game of Thrones” crew would look like if the show would have taken place in the ‘90s, and transported the characters from Westeros to the late 20th Century.

“I just thought it would be funny to imagine what a fantasy show like Game of Thrones would look like in a contemporary period, to appropriate the characters and turn them into something quirky that reflected their personalities.”

This time around we see Arya Stark sporting a set of overalls, Brienne of Tarth dressed like a football player,  Sansa Stark looking like the hot girl in high school, Cersei Lannister sporting the 80s glam rocker look,  Tyrion Lannister in a shirt from Parker Lewis Can’t Lose along with his partner in crime Bronn, and our favorite character from season 1 – Kahl Drogo looking like a rock star. Theon Greyjoy and Margaery Tyrell were also added to the list of characters.

The characters of the award winning TV series have certainly found their way into the hearts and minds of fans (like me) since the series was aired couple of years ago, and art like this has further cemented them as icons.

Check out the photos below, and head on over to Society 6 if you would like to purchase the prints.



cersei-glam-rock-star-90s-remix-game-of-thrones Game-of-Thrones-Characters-in-the-1980s-and-1990s-3 grunge-Brienne-of-Tarth-Game-of-Thrones-Rojaksite Joffrey-Baratheon-Lannister-Rojaksite-80s-90s-Grunge jon-snow-90s-80s-grunge-nirvana-game-of-thrones sansa-of-stark-grunge-game-of-thrones Tyrion-Lannister-Grunge-remix-Rojaksite


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