Attack of the Walking Dead season 4 Comic-Con trailer

TV audience’s favorite zombie show The Walking Dead will creep into our houses on Sunday October 13th at 9pm and we know it will be even crazier than before.

We’ll find our friends changed. Settled down in the prison with a system that works. They not only survive but also thrive.

But the Governor, the walkers… The enemies are still out there and they are evolving as well.


Actor Andrew Lincoln says: “When we meet them all in season four, there is a whole new community in the prison and friction between certain characters. It makes for incredible character-driven scenes.”

“The relationship with Carl is integral to the beginning of the season from Rick. [Carl] turning into a sociopath at the end of the season woke him up to his parenting duties. You find Rick in a completely different place this season.”


From Comic-Con, comes the first footage of season four. It’s intense and intriguing… Check it out:


Good to see Tyreese and Rick becoming buddies just like it is in the comics.

“The world is getting worse, the people are getting more ragged, and it’s gonna keep progressing, if you can believe it.” says Executive producer Robert Kirkman.





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