X-Men news and cast photos from Comic-Con

Official promo photos from Bryan Singer’s upcoming “X-Men: Days of Future Past” have gone online featuring eight characters.

Here we’ll have our first look at The Intouchables star Omar Sy as Bishop.

The rest of the gang is Patrick Stewart (Charles Xavier), Ian McKellen (Magneto), Daniel Cudmore (Colossus), Beast (Nicholas Hoult), Havok (Lucas Till) and Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) in the photos which you can see below.




With installments like Future Past, X-Force and more films, X-Men franchise seemingly transform into a network of movies just like Avengers, there’s also talk that the series will get a big antagonist who will span several movies.

So who is that big baddie? The ancient mutant Apocalypse.

A source for Unleash the Fanboy says: “He’s definitely a big part of Fox’s whole plan for a big X-Men universe with spin-off movies. The Avengers really is the template here.”


What do you think X-Men fans? Is Apocalypse a good choice? Who would you prefer?





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