Leaked Microsoft patent application for Kinect Glasses project

Do you remember that Xbox 720 document leaked in June last year? Kinect Glasses? Project Fortaleza? I knew you would… It was kinda cool. A road map suggested back then, that the glasses would be made available in 2014, following the launch of the Xbox One. And what we have here is a patent application for a Kinect Glasses-like head-mounted display from Microsoft’s. The application was filed in early 2012, and made public this week.




The patents shows us that this tech won’t just be an output for games but much more than that. Maybe even a shot at augmented or even virtual reality. As you can see, the device implements game material – swords, game information, nicknames etc. –  into real life. Illustrations show a pair of glasses that include sensors to locate users, track gestures, and read the environment of a player and Microsoft describes a multiplayer system that lets players invite others via a head-mounted display device.





Aye, we all know that not all patents applied for or received gets incorporated into a product but I’ve got a feeling that we may see this product in the near future.





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