Life on Red Planet?

A new exploration strategy is being executed as scientists stay focused on questions related to life on Red Planet.

Ancient Lake

NASA’s Curiosity, a car-sized robotic rover exploring Gale Crater on Mars as part of Mars Science Laboratory Mission (MSL), make the NASA people believe that the environment at the landing site was once viable for certain types of microbe. Those organisms, molecules, energetic particles and many other factors have terraformed Mars.

Eroded Surface

As the rover pursues organic molecules, that which life as we know exists within these carbon-rich systems, would not be an evidence of life on Mars; anyhow there will surely be enough excitement to ignite discussions on the subject matter.

The team that’s sent Curiosity to Mars, believes it now has a strategy that will increase its chances of finding some relatively intact molecules. They are planning to apply this technique into practice in the next couple of months when the robot arrives at a new rock outcrop in Gale Crater called KMS9.

Hint of Wind


Source: NASA



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