Year 2014! Will the Sandman Begin?

“How would you feel about Life if Death was your older sister?” 

What do we know about the titular protagonist, Sandman?

Well, it suits me perfectly fine if the 75-issue comic gets on the stage by 2014, because my memory definitely needs a bit of  illumination. Rumor has it and it’s probably gonna happen that Joseph Gordon Lewitt and David Goyer will be co-producing Neil Gaiman’s comic book classic.

Sandman 2 sandman

Lewitt is also believed to be playing the anti-hero as he eyes the movie as a production medium. Nobody knows how exactly will the production team adapt the elaborate story arc as it’s too complicated and lengthy to to play out.

Just a reminder, the series of Sandman reveals various elements of mythology, horror, historical events and absurdist humor. Characters include Dream’s siblings such as his gothic punk rocker looking sister Death, his talking animal assistants, and the immortal The Corinthian who has two mouths for eyes.



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