Sony unveiled Project Morpheus, virtual reality prototype for PlayStation 4

Sony have finally unveiled its virtual reality prototype for PlayStation 4 at a GDC 2014 presentation.

Called Project Morpheus, the head-mounted display is expected to have “seamless integration with PlayStation Camera, DualShock 4, and PS Move” and will essentially be plug and play.



Current prototype for Project Morpheus features a head mounted display with 1080p resolution and a 90 degree field of view. Accelerometer and gyroscope sensors built into the head mounted unit as well as PlayStation®Camera accurately tracks head orientation and movement, so as your head rotates, the image of the virtual world rotates intuitively in real-time. Project Morpheus also features our new 3D audio technology that re-creates stereoscopic sounds in all directions and changes in real-time depending on your head orientation. In addition to PlayStation Camera, Project Morpheus works with DUALSHOCK®4 Wireless Controller and PlayStation®Move to deliver an easy-to-use, plug-and-play VR experience.



Developers Epic Games and Crytek are already on-board to create games and content for the system which the company claims it’s treating as “a medium, not a peripheral”. A special version of the just released “Thief” is said to have Morpheus compatibility, as does “EVE Valkyrie”.

Sony’s demoing the device at GDC, and it’ll probably be a centerpiece of the company’s E3 show this summer.




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