Star Wars News: Peter Mayhew is back for …..

Star Wars fans,

Does anyone of you remember who Peter Mayhew was?


Yes, with a height of 7 ft 3 in (2.19 m), he is best known for portraying Han Solo’s co-pilot and good friend Chewbacca.

Some Hollywood sources have confirmed the news that Mayhew (69) is set to reprise his role once again for the upcoming sequel “Star Wars: Episode VII”.


The Origin of the Chewbacca Character:

Most Famous Wookiee of all time, Chewbacca’s creation

Chewbacca’s creation as a “gentle, hairy, non-English-speaking co-pilot” was inspired byGeorge Lucas seeing his own dog sitting up on the passenger seat of his car. The dog, named Indiana, also inspired the name of the lead character in another one of Lucas’ film franchises – Indiana Jones. It is said that Chewbacca’s name is derived from собака (sobaka), the Russian word for dog.


Chewbacca, a 200 year old Wookiee, became Han Solo’s first mate and companion after Solo, then an Imperial Captain, refused an order to kill him while Chewbacca was a slave of the Empire. Solo was dismissed from the Imperial Navy for disobedience and became a smuggler. Chewbacca owed a life debt to Han and would protect Han Solo for the rest of his life.



(Black & White Photos) Source: &





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