GoT Finale #4 and Ratings are in!

Fourth season “All Men Must Die” finale of HBO’s Game of Thrones attracted 7 million viewers last night aired at 9 pm.

Indications show that this figure is 32% up from the 5.4 million who saw the Season 3 finale last year and up from the 6.6 million who tuned in for the Season 4 premiere back in April. However, 4th season’s 5th episode “First of His Name” drew 7.2 million strong, and it’s by far the most watched episode in GoT screening, over two plays last night the finale pulled in 9.3 million viewers in total.


By the by, the fourth season has averaged a record breaking 18.6 million viewers per episode, up 29% from the 14.4 million for the third season.

Another thread, GoT 410 not only closed off chapters, it essentially setup some major new ones for next year as well.Well, as the seasons go by, the number of viewers multiply, ain’t it?








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