Amazon announces Fire Phone

And Amazon enters the Smartphone Wars…

Amazon represents Fire Phone.


Fire Phone has six cameras and quick access to tech support, and features like Firefly. Gorilla Glass adorns the front and back, and the plastic sides reach slightly around the back. Device has a 4.7-inch display.

One of Amazon’s unique offerings is its 3D-like Dynamic Perspective feature. It gives the device a innovative edge. The cameras look at where your face is at, and how far away it is from the phone, Kinect-like. Even though it only technically requires two cameras to do this job, Amazon opted for four just in case some part of your body obstructs one or two of the lenses.


Firefly is another critical selling point for Amazon. It’s also a QR code reader, and can read several types of information, give you relevant details about that info and it ultimately stands to be Amazon’s cash device, since many of the products you scan will give you a prompt to buy it through the retailer’s service.

Another area in which Amazon is trying to be different is its use of gestures to navigate through its three-panel design. Flick the phone to the right to pull up a list of Amazon’s services and features; flick it to the left to get a notifications panel, which offers upcoming appointments, messages and other information. Slight tilts in either direction is what Amazon calls “peek,” which lets you take a quick look at the date, time, battery life and signal. A swivel-motion gesture brings up a fast access screen that can get you into settings and other basic tools.



The software is FireOS 3.5, which is a forked version of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean (or the AOSP, at least).

The price is $650 .

Innovation and new tech is always exciting but what do you guys think? Will you grab one?



Via: Engadget


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