Samsung Gear VR Headset announced

Samsung doesn’t want to be left out of emerging technologies.

With Facebook’s purchase of Oculus, it was only a matter of time before other major players began jumping on the bandwagon. As a part of its exhibition of new launches at IFA in Berlin, the Korean outfit has unveiled the Gear VR headset.


The Gear VR’s optical lens provides a 96-degree field of view, and Samsung’s new invention only includes the basic sensors. Off the bat, you get an accelerometer, magnetic and proximity sensors, but the key feature of the Gear VR is its integration with the Galaxy Note 4. It connects via microUSB 1.1 connection, allowing you to utilize the handset’s camera and enjoy an immersive experience.


Essentially, it’s an add-on for the Note 4, and the field of view will make it feel to the user as though they are looking at a 4.4-meter display from two meters away.


Interestingly, Samsung has teamed up with Oculus for this particular venture, and the Gear VR will be available over at the Oculus store bundled with a microSD card packing a number of 360-degree videos and trailers.

The virtual reality market is being pursued by companies like Facebook and Sony, we’ll see how Samsung will fare in this field.




Via: RMP


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