New “Han Solo” Video Game?

Dear Techandlers,

I bet, out of 100 Star Wars fans, I believe not less than 50 would say “Han Solo” is their most favorite character in Lucas’s epic-saga.


The developer behind “Dead Space”, the acclaimed survival horror game; Visceral Games, has given some clues that they could be working on a Han-Solo themed video game title. American monthly video game magazine, Game Informer forecasts according a series of teases over social media by the developers.

For Instance, Co-writer Todd Stashwick posted a picture of a Han Solo figurine along with his co-writer and Naughty Dog alum Amy Hennig.

2015-05-11 12.25.25

Well, let’s say “it’s calm before the storm.” Game developer, Visceral Games will soon announce what their new “Star Wars” game is about, but seriously is it that hard to find a title for a video game; reckon the fact that they have been working on a “Star Wars” title for almost two years.

Let’s not forget Scott Warner is on board to direct (Halo 4, Battlefield Hardline).

Upcoming “Star Wars” video game title, “Star Wars Battlefront,” hits PC and consoles this Fall.



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