10.000 Lego Pieces to Build “Millenium Falcon”!

George Lucas’ Star Wars has brought many new facts into our lives; how to differ good and evil, how to become a jedi master or a sith lord 🙂 but apart from this, he made us think about space travels, space crafts, speed of light and so forth. And one of them has a real special place in my life. “The Millenium Falcon”…

And hear this! Assembling a 10.000 LEGO-Brick Millenium Falcon has something to do with Jedi Learning and Patience!


Showing every gear, pipe, wire, and well—whatever is takes to get The Millennium Falcon of the ground, this painstakingly-made replica spans truly is a true sight to behold. And with the set clocking in at a gargantuan 3’7” by 3’ 3” with 24 built-in lights, it’s no wonder that it took the creators two months to complete.

Further Detailed Photos Below:






Images via https://www.facebook.com/TitansCreations



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