Infographic: How The World Ends

The Bible’s prophecies on the end of the world are the sort of things you don’t hear about so much these days at church. The ancient threats of fire and brimstone have largely gone the way of Latin, and today’s sermons across many mainstream Christian denominations tend to focus on a more come-as-you-are philosophy. Forgiveness. Salvation. Faith alone saves.Nathan Kitchen is a member of the Christadelphians, “a group of Bible students who endeavour to remain faithful to the truth preached by the apostles.” He’s also, clearly, a talented graphic artist, who created this pretty intense walkthrough of “The End of Days.” It’s the end of the world, as told through the Bible’s various points of view–the darkest, most vague parts of the Bible, like Revelations, that could give any Sunday School student nightmares.

I’m no theologian, so I’m not sure if Kitchen captured every nuance of trumpet and smitten flesh, but I do love the scope of this image–the way four simultaneous perspectives share in the same story. Kitchen’s adorable sketches, like of Gog being buried (no one knows who Gog is, but apparently he really pissed off God), give the most depressing topic in religion a fairly comforting spin.

But a word of warning: Even to those who survive the Rapture, it doesn’t look like that desert castle in the sky has cable or Internet access. And don’t even think you’ll get 4G up there.

See more here.


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