PhotoFast releases i-FlashDrive HD for iOS devices


Photofast, maker of i-accessories like the iPADock, has released a successor to its original i-FlashDrive – the second-generation i-FlashDrive HD. This two-way, multi-use storage drive extends memory capacity and is designed to manage, swap and sync data between Mac or PC and iDevices.

On one end the i-FlashDrive HD is compatible with Apple 30-pin devices and, when using the Lightning adapter, also with the iPhone 5 and 4th gen iPad. The other side of the device has a standard USB connector for use with a computer. In between the two connections rests the flash drive itself, which comes in 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB flavors.

Photofast i-FlashDrive HD's USB Connection

Besides its use as a simple storage drive, the unit handles – in conjunction with a free downloadable app – tasks like playing videos and MP3s directly from the external memory, contacts backup/restore and file management functions. It has a multi-format document viewer, voice recorder and text editor, added dropbox support and finally, security encryption in case it falls out of your kit bag.

The whole setup weighs in at 18 grams (0.63 ounces) and is compatible with iOS 6, OS X and Windows XP through Windows 8. Some guides for transfer speeds are quoted by Photofast at 10 MB/s for USB, 2.5 MB/s for iPad 2 and 1.5 MB/s for iPhone 4.

Overall, the i-FlashDrive HD looks to be a useful accessory for memory-hungry Apple aficionados, utilizing software-enhanced functions for everyday use, especially for those working with large files, temporarily without power sockets for other storage devices or – heavens forbid such a calamity – in the absence of wireless or mobile networks.

The i-FlashDrive HD is available from US$99 though to US$329, depending on the storage size.

Source: Photofast

Photofast's i-FlashDrive HD

Photofast's i-FlashDrive HD




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