Transparant smart-phones, the next best thing?

Taiwan firm unveils prototype of transparent cellphone

Techies will never stop and they are all about making phones smarter and smarter. In the near future, an even smarter/interesting device will hit the market, one that has a complete transparent body.

Taiwanese manufacturer Polytron Technologies has just released an incredible working concept of the world’s first transparent smartphone that will be out by the end of this year.

In the video above, the man wearing a Samsung shirt goes through the hardware of the phone. He shows that a micro-SD card is visible in the phone as well as the battery. He then assures that those will be covered in the final product so it is not an eye-sore.

The hardware is made from Polytron’s “Polyvision Privacy Glass”. According to the company, the display utilizes liquid crystal molecules to display things. When powered off, molecules are scattered and the display is opaque. But the phone amazingly transforms on powering up. The electricity lines up the molecules to form text and images, the light passes through instead of reflecting and the phone looks clear.

If you thought losing your phone now was a pain, imagine when it’s transparent.

Polytron definitely has some big dreams as they are looking to have fully working prototypes up and running and by the end of the year…


Via: Fullinsight

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transparent memory stick


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