MYO armband delivers Jedi-like gesture control

I know you want to move objects with a flick of your finger or even maybe choke someone with a gesture. Don’t deny it.

MYO armband, made by Thalmic Labs, makes it possible for you to use the electrical activity in your muscles to wirelessly control your computer, phone, and other digital technologies.


The armband is one size and fits everybody and it uses unique gestures that are unlikely to occur normally thus precise and mistake-free. This innovative new input device works with your PC, Mac, phone or tablet over Bluetooth 4.0 and lets you to control presentations, video, content, games, browse the web, create music, edit videos, and more.

The device senses gestures and movements via the muscle activity (MYO can detect changes in hand gesture right down to each individual finger) and motion sensing (it can detect subtle movements all directions by tracking the positioning in space of the arm and hand).

myo-800x453 myo-armband-xl

The MYO features on-board, rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries, and ARM processor. The MYO is outfitted with Thalmic’s proprietary muscle activity sensors. It also features a 6-axis inertial measurement unit. And it’s possible to preorder these now for $149, shipments are expected in late 2013.

Can this device make Kinect wake up in cold sweat at nights? We’ll see.





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