Toast with Budweiser Buddy Cup to become friends on Facebook

Making new friends in a bar isn’t particularly difficult, but with the help of the Buddy Cup, we all can carry those friendships over to the cyber world.

This clever design belongs to the Agencia Africa and creative studio Bolha for Budweiser‘s Brazilian arm, contains “high-tech chip technology integrated with Facebook” that makes two people friends on Facebook when they clink their glasses together in a toast. Barflies link their Facebook profile with the LilyPad-based grail by scanning a QR code underneath the glass with an app from the brewer and as soon as their beverages collide, with an LED lighting up to confirm the new acquaintance.



There’s also a video, check it out here;


The cups will be used at Budweiser sponsored events such as festivals, and are designed to “enhance brand activation and increase the interaction between Budweiser consumers.”

Well, there will be a lot of deletes happening the next morning, I tell ya.




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