LG Reveals first ever Firefox smartphone

As far as the Firefox OS is concerned, the old explorer has always been restricted to dead-easy ZTE Open.


LG now expands the platform’s reach to change the rules of the game by the release of its premiering Mozilla-powered handset, the Fireweb. The new device is 4-inch and designed for newcomers between its 480 x 320 display. 1GHz Qualcomm processor and 4GB of expandable storage and its 5-megapixel camera constitute the very dominant characteristics, needless to say that, this is the primary Firefox OS phone as well as its autofocusing and LED flash features.

Fireweb Sprawls in America del Sur

Both a video demo of the Fireweb and the technical specs of Firefox OS market growth that comprises South America (Brazil, Mexico, Peru, and Uruguay) have been released.  Vivo Brazil, the largest telecommunications company in Brazil, sells the Fireweb for for $449 BRL ($207 US) to pay-as-you-go customers, or $129 BRL ($59 US) to regular subscribers. As the properties multiply, the more priced it is; that said more expensive than LG’s knockdown Android device, the $399 BRL ($184)  Optimus L3 II.


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