“Almost Human”: New science-fiction cop drama airs on FOX by mid-november 2013.
Latest sci-fi series by powerhouse producer J. J. Abrahams comes out as story of a scary cop, “John Kennex” (Starring Karl Urban, Eomer of Riddermark in the Lord of the Rings Triology), who is severely injured during a quarrel and and comatosed, wakes up 2 years later, conceptualizing, in the midst of so many other things, that he’s not fully human and that his body is now comprised of synthetic parts, pieces that have been switched to keep him from death.
The story happens in a world of anarchy where law and order is long-neglected and technology is booming, we might presumably imagine that in that particular scenario; being a cop is the most hazardous job in the world. The series is set 35 years (2048) into the future when humans in the Los Angeles Police Department are paired up with lifelike androids, as a detective who has a dislike for robots ends up being teamed up with one with emotions.
Production Companies:
Bad Robot Productions
Warner Bros. Television
Creator: J. H. Wyman
Karl Urban as John Kennex
Carolyn Adair as Office Worker
Michael Ealy as Dorian
Lili Taylor as Maldonado

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