Motorola, Google-owned phone firm, has recently whispered “Project Ara”, bringing a new extent to android race.

Project ARA

The project permits the user to buy a very principle phone structure and add modules such as keyboard, battery and other sensors; in short; authorising its clients to customise their smartphone components. However it’s still an uncertainty to the experts on how big the swash would become. Besides that, Motorola has partnered Dutch designer Dave Hakkens, who is also the creator of Phonebloks, a unitary phone idea.

The firm in a blog spot also stated that it had been working on the project for more than a year; adding that “”We want to do for hardware what the Android platform has done for software – create a vibrant, third-party developer ecosystem”

This potential build-your-own phone (aka Lego Phone) era will give user the power to decide what one’s phone does, how it will look, where and what it’s originated from, how much it is and how long will it endure.

Last but not least, Project Ara will consist of what Motorola is calling an endoskeleton, the frame that will hold all the modules in place as Motorola plans to begin inviting developers to create modules in a few months time.

Recent Datas on Smartphone Sphere: 
  • It is predicted that 1.8bn phones will be sold this year, and that 1.5bn will be thrown away, or fall into permanent disuse.
  • A total of 5.5bn are estimated to be in use worldwide.
  • The environmental cost of making handsets includes mining for components.
  • Used phones contain hazardous elements such as lead, mercury and chlorine, but also valuable metals like gold.
  • Electronic waste is often exported to the developing world for processing – the work poisons workers and pollutes the environment.

Source: CCS Insight, United Nations



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