Steam Machine photos arrive

The first photos of Valve’s Steam Machine prototype are out.


The prototype has been built to give manufacturers a reference design to work towards for their retail versions which are expected to debut at CES in January.

Steam Machines are the customizable video game consoles that are designed to bring the power of PCs to the living room. The machines have separate zones for CPU, power supply and the video card, so Valve designed the case so the parts can breathe individually. The CPU blows air out the top, the power supply out the side, and the graphics card exhaust out back.




“Really we just wanna have confidence that all the customers on Steam are having enough options, and that the price/performance spectrum is as fleshed out as Steam customers want it to be. And right now, the indications that we have from the lineup that we’re gonna be talking about at CES, is that they are gonna have enough choice. So we’re gonna continue to treat this as a test platform and see how that goes.” Says Greg Coomer.



Those machines will be revealed at next January’s CES, as well as partners and more information and hopefully the pricing.

So  circle January on your calendar.





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