New face of “Call of Duty: Ghosts”: Megan Fox

In a patriarchal world of Call of Duty, there is no place for women and somehow, when the name Megan Fox is pronounced for the “Epic Night Out” action trailer, many overreacted!

megan fox

Yes, This would be the very first time that a she-hero would star in a trailer of the world-phenomenon multi-user dungeon, Call of Duty.

Rest assured fellas! She is as fast and sharp as a man can get!

As Call of Duty pays homage to “The Hangover” triology;  we see four men travelling to Vegas and blaze away what’s left of the place.

For whatever reason, the forces of extreme morality descends and Vegas was under attack. In their fight of survival, there they meet the very first female – character in one of the world’s most male-dominated video game.

We see Fox sniping on the roof of some unnamed structure. And the adventure begins…


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