Motorola Is Making A SmartPhone On Phonebloks Concept


Motorola and Dutch designer Dave Hakkens have joined forces on Project Ara, a fully exchangeable, upgradable and sustainable phone with modular pieces that can be switched as required.

Technology is advancing rapidly, so phones frequently need to be upgraded as new phones are released at increasingly shorter intervals. Usually, when one phone component, such as the camera, breaks, consumers are forced to replace the whole phone, which is then thrown away.

Dave Hakkens developed a sustainable concept to solve this problem – Phonebloks – a phone with detachable components that can be changed easily, and is now collaborating with Motorola to bring it to fruition.

Motorola is also taking consumers’ thoughts into consideration to achieve the perfect phone. Interested consumers can sign up to provide input in a co-creation effort. The 100 most active early adopters will receive an early release of the finished phone at no cost. Watch Hakkens’ originl Phonebloks video above, and the follow-up below.





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