5 Most Anticipated Sci-Fi TV Series of 2014

2015 will surely be the year of sci-fi and it does already shape up to be a milestone for fans of fantasy TV, however Spielberg “director of directors” of the sci-fi movies, and his astronaut tragedia “Extant” and  two new series from the creator of Battlestar Galactica will definitely rule 2014.

Here is the list of 5 most anticipated new sci-fi and fantasy of 2014;

Believe – Tv serie marks Oscar-nominated filmmaker Cuarón’s (Y Tu Mama Tambien, Gravity) first fall into TV business, which makes this hour-long drama one of the most anticipated shows of 2014. Cuarón’s direction along with J.J. Abrams adds another dimension to the story of a death row inmate (Jake McLaughlin) tasked with protecting a supernaturally-gifted young girl (Johnny Sequoyah) from evildoers looking to abuse her telekinetic powers.


Crossbones – Malkovich a buccaneer/ a buccaneer Malkovich, whaaaaaaattttt???? Neil Cross, the creator of Luther, comes up with the action sequel that reveals the drama of the most notorious of all, pirate Blackbeard, which does take place in 1715. Malkovich’s first appearance in a tv serie already psych out fans.


Extant – An astronaut returns home from a year long solo mission in space. She tries to reconnect with her husband and son in their trivial life. Her experiences in space and home lead to events that ultimately will change the course of human history. Outer Space, Spielberg, Human History and Berry…. that really sound like a must-see!


Legends – I don’t want you get killed off in the first season Sean! GoT’s Eddard Stark, Bean plays an agent with a Zelig-like ability to adapt to any situation in this psychological thriller from the creator of Homeland.


Intelligence – Josh Holloway (Lost’s Sawyer) stars as Gabriel Vaughn, a high-tech intelligence operative enhanced with a super-computer microchip in his brain. With this implant, the entire global information grid is at Gabriel’s disposal and he is to be the first human ever to be connected directly into it. He can hack into any center and access key intel in the fight to protect the United States from its enemies.



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