New Legends of Grimrock 2 screenshots emerge

Legend of Grimrock 2 will feature a new character class, playable race, skill system and interface, among other improvements.

The game will take place on the island of Nex.

The island is the perfect microcosm, where the party may explore dark woods, misty swamps, underground tunnels and ancient ruins without need to travel great distances. For us, an island is the perfect ‘dungeon.

Monster behavior will depend on intelligence, so a smart enemy may call in reinforcements and use group tactics while a stupid brute may charge forward.

Lastly, the developer revealed several new screenshots for the game, two of which show off the island’s surface – it’s quite a shift from the dark, dungeon corridors of the first game.

legend_of_grimrock_2_screenshot_1 Legend_of_Grimrock_2_screenshot_2 potion_and_spell_panel



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