Bad news Star Wars fans, the Expanded Universe is probably dead

This past weekend’s Toy Fair in New York brought some bad news regarding Star Wars Expanded Universe, a collection of novels, comics and guide books.

A report from the show indicates that Hasbro – maker of SW figures – made it very clear that the EU is dead for them.

Here, check this out:

The Expanded Universe is dead folks. Hasbro has been directed by Lucasfilm, Ltd. (the culprit in many of Hasbro’s bad business decisions) to avoid the Expanded Universe like the plague. Not only is it next to impossible that we’ll see a brand new Expanded Universe figure in the near future (we’re talking years folks), older and hard to find figures will NEVER see re-release either.

So far there is already an exception. Hasbro has received permission to get Bastila Shan, Darth Malgus, the Republic Trooper and Starkiller out into the line again, but that’s only because of the distribution nightmare surrounding The Vintage Collection which have been planned way in advance to the recently announced “No EU” directive.

Hasbro said, and I quote, to “not expect to ever see Jaina Solo or Jacen Solo or any other older Comic Packs figure re-released in any way to get out to collectors”.



It sounds like we won’t be seeing any new EU figures outside of the ones mentioned.

As far as merchandising goes, EU looks dead, we’ll find out soon if there will be further reports or announced made about novels and comics.



Via: FFB



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