The Highest Grossing Film Franchise is….


Riddle me this, Riddle me that!

Well, well, well, let me see, hmmm, ok, let me get this straight…

“Captain America: Winter Soldier”, the very last out of 9 movies that formed “Marvel Cinematic Universe” , with few days of box-office, have now become the highest grossing film franchise in USA, dethroning Harry Potter.


Top Ten Franchise:

1- Marvel Cinematic Universe (9 Films)

2,463 Billion USD

2- Harry Potter (8 Films)

2,390 Billion USD

3- Star Wars (7 Films)

1,918 Billion USD

4- James Bond (24 Films) 

1,912 Billion USD

5- Batman (8 Films)

1,897 Billion USD

6- Lord of the Rings (6 Films)

1,622 Billion USD

7- Shrek (5 Films)

1,419 Billion USD

8- Spider-Man (4 Films)

1,375 Billion USD

9- Twilight (5 Films)

1,363 Billion USD

10- Pirates of the Carribean (4 Films)

1,279 Billion USD

However Harry Potter, the adventures of a young wizard by J.K. Rowling still dominates the global stage with 7,7 Billion USD over Marvel’s 5,970 Billion USD. 






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