Chris Evans in “Call of Duty” Trailer

Some Action at the End!


After a brief tease some days ago, a full length live-action trailer for the blockbuster video game “Call of Duty Online” has finally gone online! We see “Captain America” Chris Evans features in the spot for this micro transaction-based version of the multiplayer shooter which has been developed specifically for China.

Some further information about the video game “Call of Duty”:

As of November 11, 2011, the Call of Duty series has sold over 100 million copies. As of March 31, 2012 there are 40 million monthly active players across all of the Call of Duty titles, with 10 million users of the online service Call of Duty: Elite and 2 million paying annual members. Over 1.6 billion hours of online game play have been logged on Modern Warfare 3 since its 2011 release. Sales of all Call of Duty games topped US$10 billion.

Source: Wikipedia



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