Dangerous Liaisons: HBO Now Launch Exclusive to Apple

HBO CEO Richard Plepler just confirmed that HBO Now will not be tied to any cable subscription or broadband but its stand-along streaming service will be available exclusive at launch in the United States on Apple TV and Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad through the App Store.


Apple TV and Apple device users through their iTunes accounts will be able to subscribe and pay for the service like in Netfilx and Hulu Plus subscriptions. First month of subscription will be free for a limited time if you sign up that way.

HBO NOW for $ 14.99

The service will be effective in time for the season launches of “Game of Thrones” and “Veep” on April 12th, that said Apple TV and Apple device users will be privileged to watch the series earlier. HBO Now is available from $14.99 per month and Apple also announced that it has now lowered the price of Apple TV from $99 to $69.

What about other devices? Roku, Chromecast, Android, consoles etc. just need to wait until the service will be active from the month of July. However, PCs will also have access to the service along with all of Apple’s iOS devices.


Source: Apple.com

Photo Credit: aftvnews.com


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