30 April is Actors Galecki & Nayyar’s birthday! Congrats!

Today is both actor Johnny Galecki’s  and Kunal Nayyar’s birthday. Congratulations! And we both know’em from world-famous sit-com Big Bang Theory!

Johnny Galecki

An accomplished television and film actor, Galecki is best known to the world as Leonard Hofstadter on The Big Bang Theory. As one of the CBS sit-com’s iconic nerds, Galecki has helped make it hip to be square since the show’s debut in 2006.

Beyond The Big Bang Theory, Galecki also held a role in the Will Smith superhero film, Hancock, a major role in the TV sit-com Roseanne, and a brief voice-acting appearance in Batman Beyond. Currently, Galecki is working on Rings, the next installment in The Ring horror franchise.

Born in Bree, Belgium, Galecki turns 40 today. Happy Birthday, Johnny Galecki!


Kunal Nayyar

As Raj Koothrappali on CBS’ The Big Bang Theory, Nayyar has led the series’ cast of venerable geeks since joining in 2007. He has also starred in the 2014 comedy Dr. Cabbie, the 2014 thriller The Scribbler, and the television series Sanjay and Craig. He has also lent his voice acting talents to Ice Age: Continental Drift as Karim.

Interestingly, Nayyar shares a birthday with his fellow Big Bang Theory star, Johnny Galecki

Born in London, England, Nayyar turns 34 today. Happy Birthday, Kunal Nayyar!

Congratulations again!



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