Video Games As Education

Video games have finally reached a point of legitimacy. It isn’t some little thing you play around with friends casually anymore but big business entertainment that can influence, challenge, and stimulate people in more ways than any other medium can. I wouldn’t say Los Angeles is by any means a video game capital but there is a new effort being made that could potentially start a movement to make video games and the surrounding culture an intellectual playground. LA Game Space is a nonprofit based in the Arts District Downtown that is dedicated to exploring, educating, and engaging people through video games. They could lead a revolution!

The organization started by Daniel Rehn and Adam Robezzoli and is going to use exhibitions, galleries, performances, and installations to explore the world of gaming. This isn’t an art gallery dedicated to video game art nor is it a library of games: they will be researching and studying how gaming works, will have speakers to discuss current trends and topics, and will teach workshops to both veterans and new persons alike on this field. You’ll also be able to check out most of what they do in their space online which opens up their work to the entire world. All of this just sounds brilliant!

LA Game Space is currently Kickstarting this project and need to raise $250K in order to get it funded. The project went up Wednesday and already has accumulated $10K in funds–and they have lots and lots and lots of crazy video game, art, and more gifts for backers. We’re totally pumped about this and you should be too: this is very exciting news! Catch the video in support of their campaign below. It introduces you to Daniel and Adam in addition to the space.

Read more about the project here!


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