Terminally ill fan Daniel Craft watches the new Star Trek before he passes away


The terminally ill New York-based film buff Dan Craft was a true “Star Trek” fan and he wanted to watch the movie before he passed away. Craft attended an IMAX screening of “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” with the hope of seeing the nine-minute preview of “Star Trek Into Darkness” in front of it. It wasn’t there.


His friend Doug posted a plea from Craft’s wife, Paige, on Reddit, and it eventually found its way to J.J. Abrams. The director granted him a personal DVD screening of an early cut of the forthcoming “Star Trek Into Darkness”, which isn’t set to be released until May.

A few days later, this past Friday, Craft was taken to the hospital for hospice care. With his wife and his brother by his side, he left this world with his last wish granted.





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